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Jonathan Borofsky - My Mother’s Words (2010)

"If you don’t have everything you want, be thankful for the things you don’t have that you don’t want."

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JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL LIVING INside her bedroom on the internet

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"My first love
was some insignificant boy
when it should have been

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"Student loans are just taxes for those not born rich and dare to get an education."


Juden Chino

One in Five People Can’t Repay Their Federal Student Loans

Shit is real son.

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Removing Race.


Why is it that removing race makes white people feel so comfortable.

You should be insulted that your racism is so deep you need to remove a persons heritage to see them as a person. You need to change the context of events just to understand them. How do you have the nerve to call yourself enlightened when in order to see the picture you have to blur the whole image.

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"The trick, kiddo,” his mom replies slowly. “Is finding someone who complements you instead of completes you. You need to be complete on your own."

- The Fight, and Fate by the farofixer  (via supmariss)

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when the oppressed/minority is quiet or kind, the majority doesn’t go ‘well they are so sweet, we should give them rights.’

when that happens, the majority does not notice the oppressed. they become invisible.

that is why no minority is required to be nice or sweet- because they will be flies on a wall otherwise

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