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white people say “it’s my opinion” as if it erases the bigotry from their hateful words


I am posting this to spread awareness to folks down here on the ground. A white anarchist punched me in the face as I was running from gun shots. Before he hit me he told me to ” sit the fuck down” . The KKK is out here. There are white man throwing bombs and giving them to youth . Spread the word because its about to be night fall here in #ferguson. Please stand in solidarity with us even if just from your homes and computer screens. We are doing this for us.


you can be in a relationship and still feel absolutely alone and empty

if you are not yourself whole

because there are things in life that you need that no one can give you

like self esteem and faith (not necessarily religion) and hope and purpose

if you do not have that on your own


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it’s 2014 can we please stop pretending like it’s just a small majority of white people who are racist like please watch the news read a history book

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BUT SERIOUSLY… If you’re fat, you can still wear whatever you want.
You can still wear:

Horizontal stripes
Bright colours
Crop tops
Tight dresses
Sleeveless tops
Sexy stuff
Attention grabbing outfits

Do more of what makes you happy, you deserve it.

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Photo By Me. Model: Essence

Every second every minute man I swear that you can get it.

*me while scrolling down my dash*


Damn! This is too true!


It is indeed why they killed him…

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Why doesn’t clothing have butt sizes yet?

Why haven’t they realized that girls who wear small shirts may possibly have huge boobs though?

Why do pants that are size 0 not accommodate HEIGHT as well? 

Just why??? We got fucking holograms and shit but this can’t happen!!!


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